Thursday, March 24, 2011

Models of RIT

The figure models of RIT, they are really fun to draw.

Shoes in charcoal

This was my first project of freshman year, it brings back memories.

I really liked the laces.

This was a print on a wood block image that I took of a particularly awesome sun set! Unfortunately they got into an accident and are no longer with us but they were sure fun to do!

My self portrait done in pastel

This took a very long time to complete but it is one of my favorites. The project was about channeling an animal to make a "primal" sort of pose. I chose a cat and the look of disgruntlement they usually get when the food bowl is empty. I was and still am pleased with the results.

A close up shot of the face. Meow!

Getting things started!

I am going to try and be a good consistent poster and show all of my current works and efforts. Lets see how this goes...